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Now Accepting Nominations

RichnerLIVE is currently accepting nominations for the following awards. We invite you to nominate yourself or your colleagues. Nominees should be Long Island-based professionals who strive for excellence and give back to their communities.

Nominate through October 9, 2022

November 16, 2022

Our Nomination Process

RichnerLIVE celebrates Long Island’s business leaders and professionals, acknowledging career achievements, entrepreneurial spirit and community involvement.

Nomination profiles are presented before an independent committee of industry experts.

As part of an honoree’s recognition, they’ll be presented with an award signifying their career success and the opportunity to raise awareness for the causes they hold dear.

Benefits of Recognition

RichnerLIVE honorees gain a tremendous amount of exposure that allow each individual the chance to make new connections for career advancement while building relationships and opportunities within their given industry. Other benefits include:

Raise Your Organization's Public Profile and Build Your Professional Network

Network with C-Suite Executives and Decision Makers

Collaborate on New Branding Partnerships

Raise Awareness of Charitable Causes

Induction into the Richner Business Network

Engage with a Targeted Audience